Using tile and section animations

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Learning objective

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of animations
  • Add and disable tile or section animations on your microsites

Video tutorial

Video transcript

In this video, we will review how to enable and disable tile or section animations.

Why use animations?

Animated elements can add light to static content and pages of your microsite. This can help impact visitor engagement and improve the user experience. Animations can be applied to tiles and sections from the site editor.

How to enable animations

Navigate to and select the target section. Then on your left hand editing panel, select the dropdown, add animation. Select your preferred animation from the list. You can see Zoomforth has grouped them by attention seekers, fading entrances, zooming entrances, and sliding entrances.

Let’s select slide in from the left. Next, choose your animation speed. By default, it is set to normal, but you have the ability to customize this by slowing it down or speeding it up.

Finally, select whether you’d like to have the animation play more than once. By default, the effect will only take place once upon loading the site page, but you can select the option to have it repeat here. This will show the effect each time the visitor scrolls past the section or tile. Let’s preview this.

How to remove animations

To remove or add the animation you’ve applied, simply go back to the editing panel. From the dropdown, simply remove the animation with the x. Then select a new one if you’d like.

Now you know about tile and section animations, go try to add one to a static tile. Now for more information on how to use this platform, see the next modules in this video series.

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