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Grow your client relationships with focused, account-based marketing on a branded microsite.

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Why Zoomforth

Increase your client engagement with personalized microsites

Whether you are running time-bound opportunistic or ongoing nurture-style campaigns, thoughtful, relevant content is the key to client engagement. Zoomforth allows you to share that content in dynamic client newsletters, information portals, and specialized microsites that are easy to curate, update and refresh.

Screenshot of a website with a marketing focus.

Create the best microsites

With Zoomforth’s branded templates, creating a microsite will be super-easy for your marketing and account teams regardless of their specific requirements.

Personalize & change fast

Impress multiple stakeholders. Personalize your sites with content experiences tailored for each key account or decision maker in just a few clicks.

Increase engagement

Draw your audience in with customized visual content. Keep them coming back for more with the ability to update your microsite design in real-time.

Stay on brand

Grab audience attention with rich media content, from video and audio to interactive charts and newsfeeds.

Keep content secure

Sensitive info to share? Our security controls allow you to secure data so it stays in the right hands.

Get actionable insights

You’ll have real-time access to analytics to help inform future content investment and individual client follow-up.

Influence key decision makers with interactive newsletters, client portals, campaign and product microsites

Account based marketing teams leverage a microsite builder platform like Zoomforth to keep their customers engaged and nurture their client relationships.

70% of companies now invest in content marketing. Hubspot

44% of top performing organizations recognize the critical role of content. Telemetry

50% of B2B brands produce content that their target audience actually engages with. Linkedin

Zoomforth provides an easy way to create polished, professional and fun communications… It is also a very easy tool to train up on, not difficult to use and allows non-creative folks to be creative without challenge.

Development Manager · Big Four accountancy firm

It plays an integral role in aligning marketing and sales, providing the necessary capabilities to build a coherent journey for the buyer while striking the right balance between marketing control and sales empowerment.

From our G2 Reviews

It offers the fundamental capabilities needed to successfully implement an account based approach, packaging highly relevant content in a way that is easy to digest and share, and that can talk to multiple decision makers.

From our G2 reviews

Clients and stakeholders are also very impressed with the appearance that we’ve gone above and beyond to build something custom for them, while actually only taking a short amount of time to build on our end.

Big Four accountancy firm
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