How to publish your sites and enable notifications

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Learning objective

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Create site links and publish your sites
  • Enable notifications so you know when someone has visited your site

Video tutorial

Video transcript

In this video, we will review how to publish a site and set it live. For your site to be live on the internet, you need to publish it and create a link.

When ready to publish, select the publish button in blue. When creating a link, you will see the domain of your site is already set. This is the domain your account uses for all your sites. To create a link for this specific site, you will create a URL path following the domain name. We recommend keeping this brief, but a logical description of the site’s purpose. Edit the name in the text box. You can see it populates the name you set when you created the site, but you can change that.

Data collection

When establishing this link, you will see two options. The first is to ask the visitor’s name and email. This will show your visitors a gate screen when they first visit the link and invite them to provide these details. This is valuable in determining who is visiting your site for data collection purposes.

Keep in mind, if your visitor access setting is either email authentication or SSO, this screen will not appear as Zoomforth will already capture this data automatically.

The second option is to subscribe to email notifications, so you’re notified when someone visits your site.

To initiate either option, select the toggle. When you are ready to go live, select create link. A popup will confirm you’ve set the URL of your site. Click copy to save the link to your clipboard so you can paste it to an email or wherever you intend to communicate the site’s link.

Now, you know about publishing your site. Go try setting a site live now. For more information on how to use this platform. Please see the modules in this video series.

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