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Learning objective

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Create, customize and add a form to your site
  • Edit your form
  • View and download the responses to your form

Video tutorial

Video transcript


In this video we will review forms, what they are and how to add them to your microsite. Forms provide an easy way to gather information from your visitors. Whether you’re creating a sign-up form or you have a quick survey, creating and adding these forms can be done quite easily.

First you create the form and then simply add it to your site. Admins can view all responses directly in our forms dashboard or download a copy of the data to a CSV file and share the content with broader audiences.

Each of these attributes will be demonstrated throughout this video. Let’s start by creating our form.

Create a form

Forms can be found in the left navigation of the dashboard: look for the form section. A list of the forms already created in your account will be loaded for you. Click the blue button, “New form”, to create a new form.

This will open the creation window for you to start. The following options are available to you:

Form name: This allows you to identify the form when selecting it in the site editor to add it to a site. The name is not visible to your visitors, but it is required to create a form.

Description: If you have similar forms in your account and you would like to identify them a little bit faster, a description can help you remember the form’s purpose. Again, the description is not visible to your visitors, but it is also not required.

Thank you message: If your visitor submits a form, they will be shown a message thanking them for their response. By default, we provide you with a basic response, but you can customize this message here.

Questions: To start collecting information from your visitors, you’ll need to build out questions.

Click the blue button plus Question: and a drop down will appear to select the type of response you’d like to gather. Short, long, single, and multiple choice. When you create a question, you will be prompted for a label. This label will be used to describe the question. For example, what is your name?

Question placeholder: These are available for short and long answer type questions when creating accessible sites. The placeholder is displayed inside the text field when empty on a site to provide an example of a valid value for the field. For example, here I could include John Smith.

This will help prompt the visitor to understand the type of responses you’re looking for, but more importantly for screen readers on accessible sites to read out loud the form element to support them in completing the form.

Once you’re finished creating your form, you can click the save button in the top right hand corner.

Edit a form

If at any time you want to edit your form, you can do so by clicking on the form and then hitting the edit button in the middle of the field. This will reopen the editor window. Fields can be rearranged through drag and drop.

So you can change the order of your questions and you can delete or add new questions as you wish. Let’s go ahead and now insert the form into a site.

Add the form to a site

I’m going to navigate to our site editor and I’m going to identify the site I’d like to add the form to.

This will open up our site editor. Find the section or part of your site where you’d like to add the form. In this case, I want to have visitors register after seeing the agenda. Click plus section and then use our grid section to add a form tile. This will prompt you to select the form that you’ve already created. In this case, it’s our registration form. Select the blue button submit to add it to your site. This will generate your form.

The left hand editing panel allows you to customize the form.

Preview a form

Once you’re happy, you can select done and preview your form. You can see that our new form has been added to our site and all of our information can be now added and submitted.

Review and download form responses

To understand or download the responses from your attendees, go back to your main dashboard and navigate back to the forms section. This is where you can see any form that has had responses, such as our contact us form. Here we have three responses that we can view.

If I choose to download a copy of a CSV file, I can do so by selecting the blue button download CSV. This will generate a file at the bottom of my screen for me to now share. So now you know.

So now you know about Zoomforth Forms

Go ahead and try to add one to your site now. For more information on how to use this platform, please see the next modules in this video series.

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