Introduction to themes and sites

Media: video & written how-to articlesGetting to know the platformUnder 10 min

Learning objective

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand themes and how they affect the look and feel of your microsites
  • Use the simple WYSIWYG editor to update your sites

Video tutorial

Video transcript

In this video, we will look at the site editor. We will define the theme and its impact on a site and highlight how the editing panel is WYSIWYG.

Defining the theme

Once you create a site, you’ll be directed to the site editor. Before we begin editing the site, let’s introduce the theme. The theme is in the background of your site. It is the CSS applied to a site and controls the aesthetics of the elements like font style and color, animation effects on images, the padding on tables, and more.

These characteristics are defined by the account and built into it to ensure brand compliance. This helps you and your team build sites that have the same look and feel as other internal and marketing sites of your company.

You can identify the theme of your site in the site editor, click on “styling” and below the name of the theme, the number of sites utilizing that theme will be displayed. We have more videos on the theme but now you can identify it and its purpose.

What is WYSIWYG?

Everything you see in the site editor is WYSIWYG. That acronym stands for “what you see is what you get”. You can make changes in real-time to the elements that you see.

Click anywhere on your site. The left-hand editing panel will identify what you’ve selected and the options available to make changes.

We will review each of these options in-depth in the proceeding videos. Please see the next modules in this video series.

Cool features and fun stuff

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