How to add sections of content to your Zoomforth sites

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Learning objective

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Add new sections of content to your sites and templates
  • Hide and remove sections

Video tutorial

Video transcript

In this video, we will review sections - what they are and how they impact the main body of your site.

Understanding sections

Sections allow you to organize content or display content in different formats. When you hover over content on your site, a blue box will highlight that section. Select it, and it will tell you the type of section that is being used.

In this section, it is a grid. You’ll notice that most sites and templates use this section because it is the most flexible. We discuss grid sections in more detail in a separate video.

Section edits

Section edits include full bleed. This allows the content to span out the entire width of the site. This is frequently used with images to create separation or contrasts between sections.


Use this option when a section becomes obsolete, or because the section is currently being updated while the site is live. When you initiate this, a red box will appear around the section letting you know it is hidden from the preview or published version.

Margin and padding

Here you have the tools to add margin and padding to your section. The most commonly used is padding. Once selected, you’ll notice it removes the padding or space on top of the existing section. You also have the option to affect the values right next to it.

Tile spacing

Here you can affect the margin and padding around each tile. You have the option to adjust this in pixels and EMS for both padding and margin and tile spacing, a default is set relative to the column count. More on this and a proceeding video. Zoomforth allows you to override the base fields to customize this to your preference.


This is where you can edit the background color, add an image, or video.


Select the duplicate button to create a copy of the section. The replicated section is below and allows you to edit the content without affecting the original section. If you no longer need the section, simply select the garbage can on the right hand top corner.

Now you know what a section is. Check out the video series to learn more about editing sections or creating a section from scratch.

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