Sections and how to use them

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Learning objective

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different types of section you can add to your sites and templates
  • Add all kinds of media to your sections

Video tutorial

Video transcript

In this video we will identify the different types of sections you can add to your Zoomforth site. Sections are flexible layouts where you can add all kinds of content. Begin by selecting the plus section button in blue to add any section. A popover will appear, giving you a choice of layout.

There are 10 different sections to choose from

  • Grid Section: The grid section is composed of tiles. You can add photos, PDFs, videos, text forms, or links to the grid section. The tiles are adjustable in size and position. You can also change the columns in a grid, going up to twenty columns. This makes this section quite flexible as you can change up the format. We have a separate video dedicated to grid sections in this video series. Check it out to learn more.

  • Text section. This is where you can hold the text or copy of your site. The text section is commonly used to create headers or divisions between sections.

  • Slideshow: This section can hold videos or images presented as a sequence. The left-hand editing panel will give you options to add a title and description to each file in the slideshow, here, you can also reorder the slides and more.

  • Video playlist: This is for video assets only, and the videos will play sequentially as soon as the playlist section is clicked into. Again, the editing panel will let you swap out and edit each video in the sequence.

  • PDF: Let’s select an example to review. This allows you to view the PDF in full, right on your site. This option also allows for downloading and printing from within the site. Again, the editing options to choose a new PDF and play with the margin and padding are available too.

  • Presentation: Here you can export a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF to embed your slides directly to your site.

  • Embed: This allows for external resources or media content to be integrated right into your section in application, such as another website, a podcast, or an interactive map. This site has a calendar embedded.

  • HTML packages: This allows you to add almost any kind of interactive content you can think of to a Zoomforth site. A zoom for HTML package is created by a special SIT file.

  • Job feed: This is solely used to connect your organization’s recruitment initiatives or job board updates.

  • Accordion: Let me show you one on our site. This is a vertically stacked list of headers labels or titles. You can click to expand or collapse content associated with them as you can see, it’s frequently used as an FAQ.

So go ahead and add a new section to your site. For more information on how to use the platform, please see the next modules in this video series.

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