Using text tiles and adding links

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Learning objective

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Use text tiles to create headings, explainer text and more
  • Add hyperlinks or 'call to action' buttons to your text

Video tutorial

Video transcript

In this video, we will explore text tiles, how to edit text and how to create links and buttons.

Let’s start in the grid section and select a text tile.

When selected, the left-hand editing panel identifies the tile. Under the tile tab, you can find the style preset. Select the dropdown to change the aesthetic of the text tile, like the background color. Here, you can also change the alignment of the text, the positioning, and the font size.

Under the action tab, you can select an action for when the visitor clicks into the text tile. You can choose from:

  • None, which is currently selected
  • External link, which allows you to add another website’s URL so the visitor is redirected when they click on the text tile
  • Internal link, this is internal to an existing Zoomforth site. Here, the visitor will be redirected to another subpage and specific destination content
  • Within a text tile, you can also create a hyperlink or button as a call to action

Creating a call to action

Select the tile and enter the text you would like to link. Let’s add a link for visitors to meet the team. Highlight the texts and from the paragraph bar, select edit link. A prompt will appear on the editing panel to create the link. First, select the action.

  • Choose from none which is currently selected.
  • External link. Here, you can link to another site such as your corporate site.
  • Internal link. You can direct the visitor to content elsewhere on the existing site.
  • Expand media. Here, You can enlarge a file. When the visitor clicks on the link.

Let’s create an internal link. Follow the prompts. Select the destination subpage. In this case, we’re going to select key people. For the destination content, I’m going to choose the Denver tech account leadership. A checkmark confirms that I have linked the content. Select done, and okay. If I need to edit the text, I can do that in the text bar. Lastly, we can select the link style. Currently, the hyperlink action is selected, but I’m going to go ahead and choose the button option. When I do so it gives me two options for button type, primary and secondary. I’m going to choose primary. When you finalize your content select save, and now you can see your button. Let’s go ahead and preview it. When I select “meet the team”, it takes me to the internal page.

So now you know about text tiles, editing text, and adding links to create a call to action on your site. Try adding a link to your section. For more information regarding how to use the platform, please see the next modules in this video series.

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