By The Numbers


95% of today’s B2B buyers prefer shorter and highly visual content formats.


59% of leading companies customize their sales messages by audience segment.

Zoomforth for Sales

With Zoomforth, enterprise sales professionals can leverage the most compelling content available to craft the highly visual, highly customized experiences that propel the buyer’s journey forward.

Differentiate Your Sales Communication

Poorly-designed sales collateral and attachment-heavy, disorganized emails create a poor experience for your prospective buyer, and ultimately impede the sales process. With Zoomforth, quickly and easily take any type of media-rich content to craft interactive branded content experiences that grab your buyers’ attention.

Power Account-Based Sales

B2B deals are more complex than ever before, typically involving multiple decision-makers and a wide range of factors to consider - including deal size and stage, geography, use case, and more. Zoomforth allows you to nurture and sell to an account holistically with the ability to customize your sales communications to address any particular buyer’s unique challenges and goals.

Maximize Productivity and Efficiency

Sales reps waste 10 to 20 hours per week on administrative tasks like curating presentation materials and searching for up-to-date documents. Zoomforth enables you to quickly find all of the most up-to-date, relevant content available via an easy-to-access repository and integrated email plugins.

Align Marketing and Sales

Successfully executing on targeted, account-based initiatives requires marketing and sales to work together. Zoomforth plays an integral part in sales and marketing alignment, enabling a more cohesive buyer's journey while delivering the right balance of marketing control and sales empowerment.

More Reasons to Love Zoomforth

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Control and Consistency

Responsive Design

Intuitive Interface

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