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By The Numbers


Nearly half of L&D pros are challenged to get employees to make time for learning.


Most employees learn better from visual content like video, versus static content like PDFs.

Zoomforth for Learning

With Zoomforth, engage your employees with the same branded, high-touch experiences you deliver to your customers.

Accessible, Modern Learning Experiences

The modern enterprise demands modern learning experiences. With Zoomforth, empower your employees to access content on their own terms, and at their own pace, with interactive virtual learning hubs that provide centralized access to courses, course materials, and on-demand recordings.

Rapid Content Design

In order to quickly and successfully on-board and train today’s digitally-savvy employees, it’s imperative to be able to create rich, branded experiences without waiting on overburdened design or development teams, or expensive agency resources. With Zoomforth, L+D teams can quickly and easily use all types of interactive content available to more effectively engage and educate employees.

Powerful Video Content

Online video consumption is accelerating at a rapid rate - and so it's no surprise that the employee demand for dynamic, interactive content formats is increasing alongside. With Zoomforth, easily incorporate video content into learning programs, internal communications, and employee advocacy campaigns to boost engagement and more effectively connect with your workforce.

Understanding Your Impact

It’s widely reported that more than half of employees don’t read internal messages. Zoomforth delivers granular analytics that detail content consumption and engagement, helping you gauge effectiveness, measure your impact, and continuously improve employee engagement.

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