Zoomforth named amongst the best sales enablement companies in San Francisco by Best Startup US

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Website news - Zoomforth named amongst the best sales enablement companies

Zoomforth recently got a mention in the Best Startup US Magazine as one of the top sales enablement companies in Silicon Valley.

Microsites are often associated with marketing, recruiting and learning use-cases so it was nice to be recognized for the role we play in sales, as well.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the sales use-case really come to life, with enterprise firms building branded microsites for RFP responses, digital sales proposals, oral presentations, and to use as client portals.

We understand that Zoomforth made the list due to exceptional performance in the following categories:

We’ve been working closely with our customers in Sales, Pursuits and Bid teams around the world to meet their evolving needs, from system integrations to detailed data analytics.

Our product roadmap for the next 12 months includes further development to support sales teams, including CMS and CRM integrations, along with more personalization and collaboration tools.

About the Best Startup US Award

Best Startup US is an online publication that helps promote American businesses and put them on the international stage. They primarily focus on businesses who show positive signs of growth, innovation, management and excel in areas which have a beneficial impact on society.

Annually, Best Startup US awards the most successful startups in the US, with its lists featuring companies who are pushing the limits of innovation to solve critical problems and challenges.

Best Startup US aims to accelerate the growth of the foremost US based companies, businesses and innovations by promoting them to a global audience. This year, Zoomforth makes this list for their service to the enterprise sales space.

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