The 8 best B2B landing pages of 2024 (With Examples)

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When people think about really great landing pages, they’re almost always thinking about B2C. That’s probably because 1) the average person isn’t bumping into B2B landing pages all that often, and 2) they can be a little trickier to master.

After all, the best B2B landing pages not only have to nail their sales pitch to get that all-important conversion rate, but they have to do so while talking to experts instead of the general public. Oh, and they also need to look good doing it – no easy task!

To get you inspired to create your own killer B2B landing pages or microsite, we’ve rounded up 8 of the best B2B landing page examples of 2024. Let’s dive right in and get that inspiration flowing.

The 8 best B2B lead generation landing page examples

Datadog landing page: short and snappy copy

Datatog landing page

Who are they? Datadog is a security and monitoring platform for cloud-based services.

What are they doing right? The reason Datadog’s landing page has made it to our list of the best B2B landing pages of 2024 is that it uses short, snappy copy to offer relevant information in an instant. Without even needing to scroll down, the viewer gets a look at the product itself, the option to see the product in action via a video, and two opportunities to get started for free.

That helps users that know what they want to get straight to the point. When you scroll down, you’ll see praise from the press and other impressive reasons to believe (RTBs).

Miro landing page: clear visuals of their UI

Miro landing page

Who are they? Miro is a free virtual whiteboard that allows team members to brainstorm and collaborate from anywhere.

What are they doing right? This has to be one of the best sales landing pages of recent years especially within the software niche. The reason is the way that Miro has gone about leveraging its strengths. Since Miro calls itself a visual platform, it’s important that they show as well as tell on their landing page. By having a super clear, easy-to-understand sample of its UI right at the top, Miro gives visitors a peek at exactly what they can expect from its product.

It also gives visitors space to sign up immediately, with plenty of reminders that there’s no cost to use their program. Instead of focusing on specific praise, Miro then highlights some of their biggest clients, which speaks to their trustworthiness as well as their popularity, giving visitors another reason to go ahead and sign up.

Thinkific landing page: target audience-based strategy

Thinkific landing page

Who are they? Thinkific is an all-in-one tool for those that want to share their expertise by building their online courses and learning communities

What are they doing right? This Thinkific landing page example is great because it uses the human element to make an impact. Thinkific’s business model is centered on individuals, so it makes a lot of sense to put a face to their proposal. Featuring a real user (Ellie Diop) prominently on the landing page (and a recognizable one at that for those familiar with her social media channels) shouts, “This could be you!”

The landing page goes on to break down its three key value props in a short, easily scannable section that does a great job highlighting how much Thinkific can do. Finally, ending the page with even more real-life can help push indecisive visitors over the edge into converting.

Toast landing page: videos and demo

Toast landing page

Who are they? Toast is a point of sale (POS), payroll management, marketer, and more for restaurants and restaurateurs.

What are they doing right? Toast immediately grabs the eye with a prominent video that highlights how its services work. Like so many of our favorite lead page examples, it still saves room for links to the demo and pricing info right at the top.

Because Toast has so many offerings and can serve restaurants of widely varying sizes, it needs to organize its info in a way that isn’t overwhelming. This landing page does a great job at breaking all their important information down into digestible nuggets. Those nuggets are also clearly labeled, making it easy for visitors’ eyes to jump to the content most relatable to them.

Slack landing page: a clean and super-simple presentation

Slack landing page

Who are they? Slack is a messaging platform for businesses and working groups that also allows for easy file-sharing.

What are they doing right? While looking at the best landing page examples for lead generation in the B2B world, you’ll often find patterns and elements that are taken as landing page best practices. However, within the category of SaaS landing page examples, Slack changes things up a little. The messaging app smartly utilizes gifs and a simplified UI throughout its landing page. This gives visitors a really clear and clean view of what using Slack is like. By choosing to simplify the UI (rather than make it hyperrealistic), there are fewer distractions for visitors and they can focus more on the product’s features and benefits.

This landing page also finds a way to make great use of punchy stats with its inclusion of responses from user polls. That helps boost Slack’s credibility through data reporting and social proof (because the data comes from users themselves).

AllWomen landing page: colorful and interactive

AllWomen landing page

Who are they? AllWomen is an online repository of data science, web development, UX/UI design, and product management courses created by women, for women.

What are they doing right? This has to be one of the best B2B landing pages if you’re looking at comprehensiveness and synergy between different web elements. We love the way AllWomen’s landing page plays with color, movement, and modern design without losing sight of its messaging. They smartly encourage you to browse courses and highlight their current offer, all above the fold.

But below it is where things start to get playful! They use unique moving icons to draw the eye and illustrate their key points in a super clever way. The page continues to feature a bright and cheery color palette and all of this combines to serve one of AllWomen’s core tenets: to be an open and appealing place for all women. This is a company that knows brand colors are one of the smartest ways to communicate your brand’s overall feel.

DocuSign landing page: carefully placed statistics and CTAs

DocuSign landing page

Who are they? DocuSign is a secure digital way to share and sign important documents.

What are they doing right? Like so many of the great business landing pages on our list, DocuSign opens with its strongest stat: that they have over a million customers and a billion users on their platform. Those numbers are hard to beat, so it’s smart to shout them out!

But what makes their page really stand out is how well thought out and prominent their links are. Every section has a clear CTA as well as an extra link or two to help answer additional questions. This means a lack of info is less likely to stop the visitor from moving forward and the longer they stay on the site, the more likely they are to convert.

HubSpot landing page: info-dense and incredibly scannable at the same time

HubSpot landing page

Who are they? HubSpot is a CRM platform designed to help businesses connect their teams, data, and customer service.

What are they doing right? HubSpot goes for an ultra-clean design that relies only on its main brand color (orange) to unify the page. Then, in sticking with the clean design, they create a page that’s both info-dense and incredibly scannable using lots of bullets and subheads to direct the visitor to the info they need.

By relying on one CTA the most (“Get started”), visitors only interested in scanning only need to read a single subhead before they know which button to click. It helps get visitors to where they want to go quickly and effectively.

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