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It can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000 to hire a new employee, and that’s before you add in salary and benefits!

With all that money on the line, having an employee onboarding checklist to make sure you’re creating a seamless onboarding experience for your new team member is just good business. After all, a great onboarding experience is linked to higher employee retention, increased productivity, and a strong company culture.

A thorough onboarding checklist can save you time and hassle so you and your new hire get off on the right foot. Thankfully, we’ve broken down all the essential to-dos for you and your team.

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What items should be included in a new employee onboarding checklist?

Employee onboarding checklist

The most useful new employee onboarding checklist is one that’s catered specifically to your company, the employee’s department, and their role. That’s because your checklist should be a full recounting of everything your employee needs access to to start doing their job effectively.

The checklist is a great place to house the programs and logins your new hire needs access to, links to essential tools and information, and key onboarding paperwork they need to complete. Storing your employee onboarding checklist virtually in a digital learning portal means you can even link to your training materials!

Because each department has its own needs, we’ve broken the checklists down so that it’s clear who’s responsible for each item on the list. This will make it not only easier to keep track of but easier to delegate.

Onboarding checklist: Essential tasks for managers

Managers should be focused on their new hire’s integration into the team and be the most involved in their training and setting up introductions.

Onboarding checklist: Essentials tasks for HR

Your HR department’s role in employee onboarding will focus heavily on ensuring all the necessary onboarding documents are provided and filled out.

Onboarding checklist: Essentials tasks for new hires

Aim to offer new hires an employee orientation checklist that outlines tasks for them to complete in their first week. This is a great way to offer them structure and encourage them to take ownership of the onboarding process.

Onboarding checklist: Essentials tasks for IT

Your IT department will play an essential role in the onboarding process by helping new hires get set up with essential equipment, software, and licenses.

How to create a remote employee onboarding checklist

In this era of remote work, having a remote employee onboarding checklist specifically for those employees working from home can go a long way in optimizing your onboarding process.

Get started by looking at each of your standard checklist items and flagging which ones can be achieved remotely, and which may need to be done differently. Then, add any remote-specific items to your checklist. If it’s looking like certain tasks might prove difficult to complete virtually, then you may want to ask your new hire if they can spend their first day or week in the office in person. Alternatively, you might want to see this as an opportunity to strengthen your digital training materials.

Employee onboarding documents checklist

While we covered some of these documents in the HR section, the following is a comprehensive list of the documents your new hire will need:

Onboarding checklist

For an onboarding solution that checks all the boxes, there’s Zoomforth

Zoomforth is an excellent way to host documents, training, and onboarding essentials for your new hires and your team as a whole. Zoomforth’s intuitive microsite-building platform empowers you to create digital content experiences with simple drag-and-drop tools – no coding required. Plus, every Zoomforth site gives you access to real-time analytics, so you be sure your new hires are on the right track with their onboarding journey. Reach out to Zoomforth to request a demo today!.

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