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Employee Engagement
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Cultivating employee engagement is more important than ever, but according to a Gallup poll, the number of actively disengaged employees is on the rise.

Thankfully, there are a ton of excellent employee engagement tools out there to help you bolster communication, generate feedback, and motivate and reward your employees.

With the power of the right employee engagement technology stack in your hands, tracking and improving employee engagement has never been easier.

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What is employee engagement software?

As you might already know, the goal of employee engagement is to boost dedication and productivity in the workforce through open communication, clear goals, and rewards and motivation.

Employee engagement software is the category of tools that businesses can use to turbocharge this process. Assembling an effective employee engagement technology stack can offer a digital framework for engagement success.

The best employee engagement tools for high-performance teams

If you’re looking for employee engagement tools to boost, monitor, or encourage engagement, then these 8 tools are all stellar options to amplify your efforts:


What is it? Leapsome is a multipurpose engagement platform for all of your “people enablement” needs including performance management, educational content, and more.

How can it boost employee engagement? One of our favorite things about Leapsome is that it’s an engagement tool that can be integrated with numerous tools and programs you might already have, making it easy to augment your existing engagement efforts. Leapsome can also help with giving employees an understanding of their future with the company by outlining and visualizing development requirements.

Many employees become disengaged when they no longer see a clear path forward. Leapsome’s development matrix allows every employee to see exactly what’s required of them to advance, giving them a clearer picture of their growth and boosting motivation.


What is it? Motivosity is one of the best employee engagement tools for rewards and recognition. Motivosity also provides a digital location for community-building within your company as well.

How can it boost employee engagement? Making sure employees’ efforts are not only recognized but celebrated and rewarded is crucial to cultivating an engaged workforce. Motivosity makes that easy by giving space for daily kudos from teammates and leadership in addition to space for celebrating the larger wins.

Built-in spaces for employees to connect over shared interests offer room to feel like their complete selves at work and get to know their coworkers, regardless of department or team.


What is it? Officevibe is a great tool for managers to help them check in with where their team is at emotionally. It also gives them insights into finding actionable ways to improve their team’s culture and productivity.

How can it boost employee engagement? The best employee engagement software solutions are intuitive and straightforward to use and Officevibe makes accessing pulse surveys, eNPS, and anonymous feedback as easy as checking your email. And, of course, all of those features are vital to understanding your workplace’s engagement levels.

Plus, the commitment to anonymity for employees can help them feel that their input is valued and respected while giving them the freedom to be as honest as possible. This will help promote a healthy, transparent company culture overall.


What is it? Zoomforth is a way to create and host digital content experiences on beautiful microsites that require no coding and easily adapt to your brand colors and standards.

How can it boost employee engagement? When it comes to digital tools for employee engagement, don’t overlook the value of having an intuitive method to create curated content experiences. Zoomforth uses simple drag-and-drop tools that make your sites quick and easy to create and give you plenty of access to data insights to analyze and improve upon your engagement efforts.

Plus, you can reduce costs because there’s no limit to how many sites you can make with Zoomforth, making it wonderfully versatile for businesses. Creating interactive “learning hubs” also gives employees a way to learn that’s neither obtrusive nor time-consuming.


What is it? Lattice is a cloud-based tool for performance management that helps teams keep an eye on productivity and goals as well as schedule check-ins and reviews.

How can it boost employee engagement? Regular communication with management, as well as clear goals and benchmarks, are essential to improving (and maintaining) great levels of engagement. Lattice makes it easy to act on employee feedback by offering tools to help collect and organize data from everyone in your org.

Being able to respond to the feedback you receive helps employees grow their sense of trust in the company because it makes them feel heard. Lattice also offers tools for goal and performance management, helping leaders be even more effective.


What is it? Slack is a way for everyone in your company to quickly and easily connect and communicate over chat.

How can it boost employee engagement? Communication between employees is just as important as easy communication with higher-ups. Slack makes it easy to ping people across the company and it keeps things organized with public and private channels. That means you can keep conversations organized by project or department – or even your employees’ favorite hobbies.

By making it easier to reach people and by keeping those convos neatly organized, your team can be more efficient and thus (ideally) more productive. They can even have quick audio or video chats right there in the app.


What is it? HeyTaco is a quick and easy way to show employee recognition and rewards for great work that integrates easily into your Slack app.

How can it boost employee engagement? The Taco system lets employees rack up kudos visually and then turn them into custom rewards. Tangible rewards help add weight and meaning to the praise that employees and leadership share with each. From a charity donation to a gift certificate to a free lunch, varied reward options ensure there’s something for everyone.

Giving employees the power to reward each other can also help to build camaraderie and community. Celebrating small wins regularly can empower team members who might not always have the opportunity to participate in big projects to feel like their contributions are appreciated.


What is it? TrakStar is a cloud-based performance management and tracking system that helps companies collect and evaluate 360-degree feedback from companies.

How can it boost employee engagement? Having a way to streamline and automate tasks – whether it’s collecting employee surveys or tracking new applicants – can help make your team more efficient and effective. TrakStar makes it easy to collect the analytics you need to make smarter decisions company-wide. Companies using TrakStar have reported a 7% decrease in employee disengagement, which is just as important as increasing active engagement!

Digital content experiences for employee engagement

Zoomforth is the perfect addition to your suite of employee engagement tools. There’s no design or coding skill necessary to get started, just use the intuitive drag-and-drop tools to start creating your microsites. Custom templates make it easy to ensure everything stays on brand, while multimedia elements and integrations bring your content to life.

Focused on analytics? Don’t fret. Every Zoomforth site gives you access to real-time analytics so it’s easy and quick to optimize your pages as you learn more about their performance. Request a demo today.

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