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Microsite with sales data

There’s a great quote from author Geoffrey Moore that says, “Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway.” Here at Zoomforth, we couldn’t agree more. If you have access to sales data insights from your digital proposals, not only will you be able to pitch more effectively going forward, you’ll be on the path to increasing your ROI with every proposal you submit.

With a traditional sales pitch, say with a PDF or PowerPoint presentation, the only feedback you ever receive is if you’re hired or you’re not.

But what if you could see exactly what your clients were looking at? What if you could analyze the content they were ignoring, to make it better the next time around? This deep dive into sales data is possible with Zoomforth.

How sales data insights solve common problems

There are a lot of head-scratching moments when you’re putting together a new proposal. Sometimes you aren’t sure if your executive summary is empowering enough. Often you worry about how much time to wait until you follow-up after you’ve submitted a sales proposal. And did anyone actually read those team bios that took forever to write?

With a digital proposal, you can get answers to all those questions—and more.

You’ve got a big opportunity to pitch for some business coming up but you’re not sure what you should lead with

Learn from past mistakes. Analytics from every proposal you submit will give you information about what content your clients are spending time on and what they’re simply glazing over. With each submission, you’ll be able to create and adapt better proposals going forward.

You’ve got some compelling content to create but have no clue what form it should be delivered in

Test and learn what works and what doesn’t with your digital proposal microsite. You can try different kinds of media from video, audio, visuals and text. Your analytics will let you know which of these your audience finds most engaging.

You’ve pitched to a room of C-level execs. Who of those stone-faced leaders were interested?

Thanks to your microsite follow-up, you’ll know exactly who has logged in and checked out your proposal, along with how much time they’ve spent on your site. Follow up with the exec who spent the most time so you can actively reach out to the most relevant (i.e. engaged) individual.

You’re wringing your hands trying to see if it’s too soon to follow-up

No more hand wringing. With a microsite you can see when key stakeholders have checked out your proposal so you can be sure you’re following up at just the right time. Find out exactly what your audience has been focused on and use that as your starting point when you follow up.

The sales data analytics you get with Zoomforth

You can expect to get sales data at a high level and a granular level with Zoomforth to help increase your ROI, better your sales proposals going forward and make sure your time is well spent on every bid you submit.

At a high level you can access site visits and visitors, your most popular pages and popular content, even broken down into what devices people are using and referral traffic.

If you want to dig deeper, at a granular level you can view a visitor’s name, the time and location of your visitor and how long they spent on a page or on the site overall.

You can also see a second-by-second review of how their time was spent on the site, including how far they got into reading a deck or viewing a video or where they spent most of their time on the site.

You’ll also access sales data for your own internal needs for auditing or for planning going forward, including your team activity on the microsite and site editing history.

Create interactive, trackable and secure sales proposals with Zoomforth.

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