7 of the best account-based marketing tools for 2023

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Having the right account-based marketing tools at your fingertips can make diving into an ABM campaign a whole lot easier, whether it’s your first campaign or your 101st.

However, with so many tools out there, it can be tough to figure out which ones are the right choice for you and your business. Which metrics matter? What type of tool should you invest in first? Do you need an account-based marketing platform?

In this article, we’ll offer a brief refresher on what account-based marketing is, before diving into these questions and presenting a breakdown of the best account-based marketing software of 2023, what they offer, and how you can choose the right tools for your business.

What is ABM and how do account-based marketing tools help?

Account-based marketing is a marketing strategy that involves customizing your marketing efforts to specific accounts.

It’s a kind of inversion of the traditional sales funnel — instead of casting a wide net and refining your scope as you move through the process, you choose your target first and expand from there. Taking an ABM approach means focusing on as few as one client or company (an account) and speaking directly to them through your marketing efforts.

ABM is a great way to land new business and strengthen your existing customer relationships at the same time. To launch a successful ABM campaign, you’ll want to focus on three key things: research, unique messaging, and analytics. To succeed in these three areas, you’re going to want the best account-based marketing tools the market has to offer.

7 best best account-based marketing software of 2023

Leadfeeder: An account-based marketing software for identifying visitors

Who are they? Leadfeeder is an account-based marketing software that will help you identify leads by tracking who’s already visiting your website.

How can they help your campaign? Figuring out who to target is the first step in launching a campaign and using cost-effective account-based marketing tools like Leadfeeder is an easy way to do just this. Leadfeeder allows you to transform anonymous site traffic into real leads — including not only names but behavioral insights such as where your leads are clicking and what they’re lingering on.

Leadfeeder also has a simple ranking system to separate your top potential leads from those that look less promising. Once you have this info, you can figure out who’s the best point of contact at a company with Leadfeeder’s contact database. It’s a one-stop shop for lead generation, and, best of all? Leadfeeder integrates seamlessly with a wide range of other tools for account-based marketing that you’re perhaps already using, such as Slack and ActiveCampaign.

Metadata: Effective account-based marketing automation at your fingertips

Who are they? Metadata is a great tool for putting in place effective account-based marketing campaign automation specifically in the B2B niche.

How can they help your campaign? Running an account-based marketing campaign can be a lot of work, so working with a tool that automates some of those processes for you can be a real time saver. With Metadata, you can automatically test variables and optimize your campaigns, a key part of a successful ABM practice. You can also trigger custom experiences for your various audiences, which will help you speak to them more directly.

Automation is a great way to save time and money, freeing up resources for more exciting parts of your campaign!

Reachdesk: Make gifting a part of your account-based marketing campaigns

Who are they? Reachdesk provides a smart and efficient way to send gifts to clients and target audiences within your existing account-based marketing campaigns.

How can they help your campaign? Adding gifting and direct mail opportunities is a great way to boost your ABM campaign. Customized gift-giving adds a personal touch to client relationships and offers new avenues for making an impact on your target audience.

Where does Reachdesk come in? Through simplifying and streamlining the gift-giving process for you. Reachdesk is a “global-gifting platform” that makes it so much easier to build the kinds of deeper connections that gifting allows. You can automatically trigger gift sends (such as on holidays, anniversaries, or at business milestones), and you can choose gifts from local vendors all housed within Reachdesk’s UI.

Nudge: Ensure your teams adhere to account-based marketing best practices

Who are they? Nudge is a communications platform for desk-less employees to receive messages from company leaders, be assigned tasks, and have a space to ask questions. It can ensure that your teams adhere to account-based marketing best practices.

How can they help your campaign? Having integrated teams is crucial to the success of your ABM campaign, but this can be tough to achieve when employees work from different locations. Nudge lets you share messaging with all of your employees at the same time, helping to ensure that everyone working with you is on the same page.

That makes it easier for you to coordinate the specifics of your campaign, especially since you can watch items get checked off to-do lists in real-time.

Vainu: An account-based marketing tool for gathering sales intelligence

Who are they? Vainu is a superb addition to your ABM tool stack. It is a sales intelligence software solution that aims to empower B2B marketing professionals by providing them with actionable company data.

How can they help your campaign? Before you can personalize your account-based marketing campaigns, you need to know something about the accounts you’re targeting. That research can be time-consuming and sap valuable resources.

That’s where Vainu comes in, allowing you to access valuable information about prospects or target accounts through their free company database. Comprehensive company profiles make it easy to identify high-value accounts and craft meaningful content that converts. Vainu makes it easy for you to utilize real-time info to supercharge your account-based marketing campaigns.

Sendbloom: An excellent account-based marketing tool for sales automation

Who are they? Sendbloom is an account-based marketing tool that will help you put in place simple sales automation. It’s a tool for assisting internal sales teams discover, segment, and strengthen accounts.

How can they help your campaign? As we’ve already discussed, finding ways to automate parts of your campaign is key to saving you time and money. With Sendbloom, you can easily create custom one-to-one campaigns and launch them right from your inbox. Sendbloom’s special Segment Designer lets you segment your campaigns as simply or with as many variables as you wish.

Tailoring your messaging is simple and you can even get instant feedback thanks to Sendbloom’s Campaign Manager.

Zoomforth: The best account-based marketing software for publishing content

Who are they? Zoomforth is a cloud-based ABM software designed specifically to help you build microsites. This microsite-building tool allows users to create beautiful, functional microsites quickly and at scale.

How can they help your campaign? The best account-based marketing tools make it easy to create custom content and analyze the data it collects. That’s Zoomforth in a nutshell. No coding is required, and it’s easy to build unique sites for all segments of your ABM campaigns. The theme editor lets you customize each site to your specifications and the media library allows you to add tons of cool content.

Discover one of the most cost-effective account-based marketing tools with Zoomforth

Zoomforth is one of the smartest ways to get your next ABM campaign off the ground. Its drag-and-drop tools make it easy for anyone on your team to create or edit your custom microsites. There’s also no limit to how many sites you can make, so you can tailor a collection of sites for every target.

Every Zoomforth site also gives you access to real-time analytics, which makes optimizing your pages a snap. You can use the Zoomforth dashboard to see who visited your sites, when, and for how long, making it easy to determine what content is speaking most to your audience. You’ll also get access to graphs and charts, so it’s easy to understand and share that data among your teams, too. So what are you waiting for? Request a demo today.

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