The best account-based marketing tactics to implement in 2024

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If you’ve mastered the basics of building and implementing an account-based marketing campaign, it’s time to dive into some advanced account-based tactics to take things to the next level.

As much as launching an account based marketing campaign takes a good amount of work, you’re not quite done yet — there’s more that can be done to increase the chances of success!

If your account based marketing campaign is off the ground, but you’re looking for ways to optimize it, this guide on advanced account based marketing techniques is ideal for you. We’re going to walk you through six of the best account-based marketing (ABM) tactics that might be just what you need to start getting the results you want.

6 effective account-based marketing (ABM) tactics to amplify your strategy in 2024

To reach your account-based marketing goals, getting an overview of some of the best practices is essential. With all the hard work a successful campaign can require, making sure you’ve got an arsenal of account-based marketing tactics can be a big help. You can adopt one or two of our suggestions as needed or go for all six of our best account-based tactics out there!

Create SMART account-based marketing goals to focus your priorities

SMART goals can be a helpful way to prioritize your ABM campaign, but what are they? SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely and it’s a way to remind yourself of the questions you should be asking to avoid setting vague and flimsy goals. Using the SMART method, you can ask yourself:

Doing this can help make sure your campaign goals are truly actionable and achievable. Without reviewing the SMART goals checklist, it’s easy to gloss over steps, and doing so has the potential to mess up your entire campaign. For instance, if you aren’t thinking carefully about your timeline, you might end up missing projections and internal deadlines that could negatively affect your campaign.

Select the right marketing channels to meet your objectives of account-based marketing and sales

So much of account-based marketing relies on tailoring your content and outreach efforts around speaking to a specific audience. But what happens with your ABM tactics if you choose the wrong marketing channel? All of the account-based marketing research you do can’t properly help you if you’re not directing your efforts to the right place.

One way this might happen is if you launch targeted ads for your campaign on a handful of popular websites. The problem? While the popular websites you’ve chosen do indeed receive a ton of traffic putting a lot of eyes on your ads, the vast majority of people on the sites have no interest in your product.

Make sure your research guides the channels you choose, not merely the audience you target — these two factors go hand in hand. Look for marketing channels specifically designed to reach the people you want to talk to. That might mean choosing channels that reach fewer people overall, but far more of your targeted audience.

Capture (and hold) attention with account-based marketing video content strategy

Of all the account-based marketing tactics, using video content possibly has the highest potential in terms of adding to your account-based marketing approach. When it comes to video content in ABM, your marketing tactics will need to take into account how engaging the content is and where it lives. It’s not enough for your video content to grab your audience’s attention, you want it to hold it as well. Rely on in-depth research about your target audience to inform your video content strategy. Try to answer specific questions that your audience might have about your product or industry in a quick and snappy way. Once you’ve got your video, you can figure out the best place to host it.

In addition to hosting video content on landing pages and microsites, you might also want to explore using video in email marketing, direct communications, or organic social media content.

Leverage the power of personalization in your account-based marketing campaign

Finding new and creative ways to personalize your campaign can help improve its chances for success (and you can learn about that in even greater detail in our ABM Guide).

Generic messages aren’t likely to improve the overall efficacy of your campaign. If there was only one account-based marketing tactic you could pick, then you should know that customization is the key. You’ll want to leverage any research you’ve done on your target audience to make sure you’re speaking directly to their key areas of interest and concern. This is equally important whether you’re bringing in new business or strengthening your existing relationships. Instead of trying to rehash existing content, look for new ways to better engage with your audience. Drill down into the specifics of their interests and, if possible, look at any trends in your campaign for inspiration.

Notice people being drawn to a particular area of your site? Try beefing it out with additional helpful info. Alternatively, is there a portion of your site or campaign that’s lagging behind the others? It might be a good time to revamp it so you can better address your audience.

Incorporate custom microsites into your account-based marketing (ABM) programs

Custom microsites can be a crucial part of your overall ABM strategy. Because a solid ABM campaign requires an emphasis on customized content, it only makes sense that you’d want to host that content on custom microsites as well. This can help you more cleanly and easily track the data you collect on these sites which in turn can help better inform your strategy.

Hosting solutions like Zoomforth can not only help ensure your sites have a slick design that stays on brand, but they even offer real-time data analytics. That means you can make sure your content is as engaging as you hope and allows you to pivot more easily if you need to make updates to it to improve traffic and conversion.

Track your progress continuously and adjust your account-based marketing tactics

Tracking your progress and making adjustments is one of the most important account-based marketing strategies you can use. ABM campaigns that don’t continually make performance-based tweaks to optimize are unlikely to do as well in the end. The long-term success of the hard work a campaign requires means carefully tracking metrics like downloads, lead scores, email open rates, and more.

One good way to keep track of all that information is with something like a KPI scorecard. Compiling your data this way can make it easier to share among your teams and can even make it easier for you to pivot if you don’t see the results you want. It’s important to remember that account-based marketing puts a heavy emphasis on constantly learning and evolving. It’s not a failure if you need to make a change — it’s a sign you’re tuned into your prospective clients’ needs!

Execute your account based-marketing techniques with personalized microsites from Zoomforth

Armed with our suggestions for amplifying your account-based marketing campaign, you can get started applying them with help from Zoomforth.

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