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Elevate your RFP response with a standout digital proposal

Your next RFP response could turn heads. Now your team can build stunning digital
proposals — faster and easier than ever before.

All with a 14-day free enterprise trial.

Start winning more bids
Collage of Zoomforth microsite editing features.

Your proposal shouldn't hold you
back from winning business

The competitive sales cycle is a tough nut to crack. Your proposal needs to make an impression — and fast. But tailoring every proposal to each opportunity takes time and resources.

PDF and slide decks
are so old school

  • No tracking for real time feedback
  • Static pages aren't interactive
  • No version updating on sent files
  • Vulnerable to unauthorized views
  • No brand guardrails
  • PDFs are dense and searching is clunky

Traditional website builders aren't adapted to your needs

  • Easily broken by non-developers
  • Not designed for fast, templated deployment
  • Lack of platform security
  • Can require coding
  • Only basic password protection
  • Don't support site creation at scale

Microsite proposals are not a new idea, but Zoomforth allows you to produce them at scale so they are the default, not the exception.

Managing Director, Big Four accountancy firm

Win more bids with secure,
digital microsite proposals

Give your client an interactive digital experience that your pursuits team can easily
put together in no time flat — and update on the fly.

Collage of Zoomforth section editing options.

Out the door in
minutes, not days

Drop the 'dirty' from quick and dirty. You can create beautiful, personalized experiences with the speed of branded templates.

A cut above the rest

Show you're digital-first. While your competitors use outdated PDFs, your client will remember a stunning, interactive experience.

Always on-brand

Your sales team aren't designers. Now they don't need to be. Non-creative folk will have no trouble sticking to your brand styles.


Track every click

GDPR & cookie
law compliant

built-in branding


Mobile friendly

Drag & Drop Builder

As easy as Lego® blocks

No coding required. Just simple drag-and-drop for easy site building, adjusting, and
version updating. If you can type, you can Zoomforth.

Collage of Zoomforth site editor features.
Enterprise-Grade Security

Secure access for
their eyes only

With the flip of a switch, you can control enterprise-grade security on your microsite.

Authenticate exactly how you need: password, email, multi-factor, or the security gold-standard: Single Sign-On (SAML).

Your private, non-indexed site won't be found on Google. So only those who need to see will be able to see it.

Collage of Zoomforth visitor access settings.

Zoomforth is SOC 2 Type II certified and fully GDPR and CCPA Compliant.


Read the room.
Even when you're
not in it.

It's hard to improve if you're not getting feedback.

With Zoomforth you'll be able to see who visited your proposal, when, for how long, and where they exited.

Even though you aren't in the same room with your clients, you can still see how your bid is landing.

Collage of Zoomforth analytics visualizations.

See Zoomforth's impact in just 2.5 minutes

Grand Dynamics lands more deals faster with Zoomforth behind their proposals.

“We probably saw an extra couple hundred thousand dollars in revenue in just the first quarter just by using Zoomforth”

Tim Walther, Founder of Grand Dynamics