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Looking for a Ceros alternative? Wow your audience with stunning no-code microsites

Swap static content for immersive, client-winning digital experiences. Use drag-and-drop editing to build unlimited, trackable microsites – no design experience needed.

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Why Zoomforth vs Ceros?

Create immersive digital experiences in hours, not weeks

Create stunning microsites without the learning curve, sky-high pricing, or security risk. Those are some of the reasons why customers see Zoomforth as the best of all Ceros competitors.

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What is this platform? Advanced design tool made for experienced designers and front-end developers.
check Interactive format
check Advanced design tools
check Built for content marketing
Flexible, no-code platform where anyone can create and host stunning microsites in hours.
check Intuitive no-code design
check Branded templates
check Enterprise-level security
Who is this platform for? Ceros is best suited to designers, developers, and marketing teams at mid-market and enterprise companies. Zoomforth’s intuitive platform is perfect for beginners and experienced designers alike at startups, mid-tier, and enterprise companies.
What are the most common use cases? Content marketing and demand generation. Sales, marketing, e-learning, recruitment, events, communication, education & learning.
What can you create? Create interactive content including microsites, landing pages, social media assets, and digital marketing experiences. Create dynamic, personalized. full-trackable microsites that are desktop, tablet, and mobile-friendly.
What skill level do users need? Some design or web development expertise is required to use Ceros. No specific skills are needed to use Zoomforth – anyone can build a microsite from scratch.
What multimedia elements can I use? Ceros users can include text, image, and video content, and import design files from Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. Zoomforth users can easily include text, images, video, tables, custom forms, links, HTML packages, and traditional documents (e.g., Word or PDF). An embed tool means users can easily add Google docs, social feeds, graphs/charts, maps, podcasts, calendars, chatbots, or articles to their custom microsites.
How is user access made secure? Ceros offers users password protection, Single-sign-on, and Multi-factor authentication (MFA). Sites can be secured with password protection, email authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), or Single-sign-on/SAML.
Can I easily create microsites using my branding? Yes. Ceros allows you to create a set of ‘account colors’ that you can apply across multiple sites, and ‘experience colors’ for one-off sites. Yes. The team at Zoomforth creates a unique theme for your brand, including fonts, design elements, and colors. You can also create unlimited themes in other brand styles.
Does the platform include a Style Guide? You will need to manually create your Style Guides, known as Brand Toolkits Yes. When you join, you’ll receive a custom Style Guide. This is a library of beautifully-styled components you can effortlessly reuse: links, buttons, tables, team bios, and page layouts.
Do I get access to built-in fonts? No. You will need to upload your fonts in .ttf, .otf, or .woff formats. Yes. Zoomforth is integrated with Google Fonts, a library of 1500+ font families. You can also upload your own fonts.
How do I keep branding up-to-date across multiple pages? You will need to update your branding for each page manually. Simply update your brand theme, and all your sites will be updated automatically.
Does the platform come with customizable templates? Ceros offers a library of templates. If you change any template element (e.g., an image), you will need to use a canvas adjustment tool to keep the page margins accurate. Zoomforth offers customizable, pre-built templates for a range of different use cases. You can also create an unlimited number of your own reusable templates.
How easy is it to add, remove, and change content? Ceros offers a copy-and-paste feature for external content. Zoomforth’s drag-and-drop editor means you can instantly add, remove, or edit content, elements, or entire sections of your sites.
Are pages accessible and user-friendly? Yes, but you will need to manually create accessible site elements (e.g. navigation menus and page layouts). Yes. Zoomforth complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) to a AA standard.
Does the platform comply with data protection legislation and guidance? You will need to use a separate Consent Management Platform to enable cookie compliance when using Ceros. Yes. Zoomforth complies with GDPR, CCPA, and e-Privacy guidelines (cookie consent) without additional setup.
What other security credentials does the platform have? Secure TLS connections are used for all user sessions. Zoomforth is externally audited annually under the SOC 2 Type II regime and submits to the Cloud Security Alliance CAIQ process. A copy of these reports is available on request.
What other features make it easy to create sites at scale? Customize pre-existing templates and rapidly upload external files. A WYSIWYG editor to update content on the fly, drag & drop tools, and flexible copy & pasting of content, pages, or entire sites.
Does the platform offer analytics and reporting? Ceros offers visitor and engagement analytics including time spent, interaction clicks, outbound clicks, and share metrics. Ceros content can also be integrated with Google Analytics. Yes! Zoomforth offers real-time analytics and notifications for all users, including:

Individual data: Location, time accessed, duration, device used, link accessed, page version viewed, and precise breakdown of clicks, downloads, time spent watching videos, and slides reviewed
Site analytics: Visits and visitors by date, top content, visits by device, top referrals, and top subpages
Account analytics: Total sites created/edited, documents uploaded, newly identified visitors, visits by date, site reporting, and team usage reporting
Does the platform include customer support? Ceros offers an FAQs Forum and Knowledge Base, as well as phone, email, and chat support. With every plan, Zoomforth customers receive:

• Free onboarding & setup
• Dedicated customer success team
• 18/5 live chat support
• Help center with text articles
• Zoomforth Academy
• Weekly drop-in training sessions
• Quarterly skill workshops
Can users contribute to the product roadmap? This is not currently advertised as a benefit. All Zoomforth customers can input and vote on product features via the Product Portal.
Can I try a free trial? No. Ceros does not offer free trials, although you can contact the team to request a demo personally. Yes! Zoomforth offers a free, no-obligation 14-day trial. You’ll also get a free training session and full access to our library of support videos.
Benefits for Enterprise

Why do leading companies choose Zoomforth over the Ceros Software?

In a nutshell? Our Content Experience platform helps you cut costs and grow revenues. Here’s how.

Stand out and get noticed with online proposals

Engage your clients and win more bids with compelling, 100% personalized digital content experiences.

Save on design costs

Designers and developers are expensive resources. That’s why you’ll save thousands of dollars switching.

Get to market faster

No more bottlenecks. Anyone in your team can create branded, responsive websites in just hours. No steep learning curve.

Create frictionless experiences

Swap the email chains, PDFs and endless back-and-forths for one source of truth — immersive, easily-navigable microsites.


Don’t just take it from us, take it from them.

Zoomforth provides an easy way to create polished, professional and fun communications… It is also a very easy tool to train up on, not difficult to use and allows non-creative folks to be creative without challenge.

Development Manager, Big Four Firm

The Zoomforth platform is extremely easy to use, and allows me to design awesome pages for various purposes and audiences. The array of features and options give me control over designing my pages, sharing my content, and conveying my message.

Enterprise Human Resources User

The best thing about this software is you can create your own small website and you can upload a lot of things like videos, images, text and so on. It also gives you unlimited options and you can make the site simple, templated or robust according to your choice and requirements. It's pretty easy to set up and anyone can use this software.

Social Media Executive and Content Editor

I love the low-code, no-code environment of Zoomforth. It's a great way for graphic designers to get started in web design, but also makes it easy for someone with no design experience to create a site.

Customer Education Lead
Use Cases

Mighty powerful for sales and communication

Browse our most common use cases below.

  • Custom Sales Proposals & RFPs
  • Client Communication
  • eLearning Experiences
  • Recruiting Campaigns

Custom Sales Proposals & RFPs

Stand out from the competition with interactive sales proposals, and win the bid with effortless personalization.

Screenshot of zoomforth showing drag and drop functionality

Client Communication

From leave-behinds to onboarding sites, create tailored content that wins and maintains the trust and respect of your clients.

Screenshot of zoomforth showing built-in branding functionality

eLearning Experiences

Boost engagement and employee retention with interactive learning hubs with all your course content in one, accessible place.

Screenshot of zoomforth showing mobile-friendly microsite functionality

Recruiting Campaigns

Make a big impact with potential talent with a seamless on-brand recruitment process.

Screenshot of zoomforth showing analytics functionality

Zoomforth members receive unparalleled service

Fully-supported free trial

Try it before you buy it for 14 days with guided support throughout.

eLearning academy access

Extensive library of video demos and an in-depth help center to help you master Zoomforth.

24/5 customer success team

Urgent issue? Quick question? Our full support team is at your disposal via live chat, zoom, or email.

Skills workshops and training

Level up your microsite design skills with quarterly workshops and weekly training sessions.

Personalized Demo

Discover why Zoomforth is the #1 Ceros alternative

Enterprise customers choose Zoomforth for......
  • No-code, beginner-friendly design
  • Flexible contract and proposal templates for sales, marketing, and communication
  • Hands-on setup, customer support, and dedicated design services

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Zoomforth has impacted revenue by increasing the response rate significantly, clients are more engaged and that leads to a greater rapid response.

Tim Walther, Founder, Grand Dynamics

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