Zoomforth Collaboration Tool: Making it easier than ever for teams to work together, share feedback and produce exceptional microsites

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Zoomforth Enhances Content Creation with New Collaboration Tool

Zoomforth, a leading provider of microsite content creation software, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of the Zoomforth Collaboration Tool. This innovative addition to their suite of products is set to redefine the way teams create and collaborate on microsites by streamlining content creation and enhancing communication between stakeholders.

The Zoomforth Collaboration Tool empowers users to create, edit, and review microsites with unprecedented ease. Here’s how it works:

Morgan from Zoomforth

“We are thrilled to launch the Zoomforth collaboration tool that will not only streamline the feedback loop process for our customers but also allow them to share drafts in a secure way with stakeholders before their sites are even published” - Morgane Gugenheim, Chief Commercial Officer

Zoomforth’s Collaboration Tool opens up a new era of collaborative content creation, making it easier than ever for teams to work together, share feedback, and produce exceptional microsites.

For more information about Zoomforth and the Collaboration Tool, please visit https://www.zoomforth.com/

About Zoomforth:

Zoomforth is a leading digital content experience platform that empowers businesses to create branded, secure, trackable microsites, quickly and at scale. Our tools help to streamline content creation, enhance collaboration, and deliver results.

Press Contact:

Zack Gatlin
Director of Sales


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