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With all the work that goes into an ABM campaign—and the constant refining that must happen to ensure its success—it can be a lot to keep track of. Luckily, there are plenty of account-based marketing software options to help you streamline your processes and make your workflow more efficient.

Given their crucial role, choosing the best ABM platforms for your business can be a complex process. Which features are must-haves, and which can you manage without? Should you choose single-function programs or are universal tools worth the price? In this article, we’ll walk you through what account-based marketing software can do for you and which programs we think are the very best.

What we’ll cover in this guide

What does account-based marketing software do for your business?

If you need a refresher on what account-based marketing is, you should check out our ultimate guide to ABM first.

You might not need a bunch of specialty software to get your ABM strategy up and running, but the right suite of programs can make your teams way more efficient. And more efficient teams have the potential to generate more revenue.

Software can help you with a lot of responsibilities, from tracking and organizing analytics to managing your social media accounts. What you need to decide are what areas need assistance and what areas are most lucrative to improve—it’s all about having the right tools for the job so you can perform at your best.

Let’s take a closer look at three powerful perks of ABM software.

Better account insights and analytics

Understanding and utilizing the data you collect is crucial for account-based marketing, so having tools that can help with this makes a lot of sense. ABM marketers need analytics for everything from personalizing content to driving conversion.

There are tons of software that can help you with this, whether you need a simple way to organize your data, automate its collection, or even get strategy suggestions to help you move forward.

Improved targeting efforts

Because the focus of ABM efforts can be so specific, getting help improving your targeting will ultimately make you more efficient. There are lots of different ways to do this, which means there are lots of different tools that can help.

You can boost your online presence with tools that help automate your social media accounts. You can also use tools that track potential targets’ behavior online to improve targeting for your digital ads. You can even get help with engagement and demographic metrics, further refining your target and giving you a more detailed profile of your audience.

Effortless personalization of content

As we’ve discussed in our account-based marketing guide, customizing your content is one of the most important aspects of ABM, but it’s also one of the most time-consuming. Because you’ll be continually and consistently updating your content to correspond with its performance, finding ways to do this more quickly and efficiently can be a real boon.

Here, you’ll look to software programs that can make hosting and editing content simple and seamless with drag-and-drop tools as well as content-hosting platforms that offer real-time analytics like Zoomforth.

The 5 best account-based marketing software to get for 2024

Now that you know some of the ways account-based marketing technology can help you and your business, let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Best CRM for ABM: Salesforce

Who are they? Salesforce is one of the most popular and powerful CRM platforms available to businesses today. They do everything from marketing automation to e-commerce to analytics.

What key areas of ABM does it specialize in? It can help the most with account-targeting, engagement, and maintaining relationships with target accounts.

How can it help your team? For starters, Salesforce harnesses the power of AI to help supercharge your ABM planning. Your team can also use predictive lead scoring to see who might be ready to buy, help make decisions based on real-time data, and even use a visual testing interface to optimize how prospects are moving through your campaigns.

Is there a free trial? Yes

Best content platform for ABM: Zoomforth

Who are they? Zoomforth is a microsite hosting solution that lets users build unlimited custom microsites for all their marketing needs without requiring the need for coding or limiting the number of sites you can make.

What key areas of ABM does it specialize in? It can help with custom content creation and hosting as well as the collection of real-time analytics. You can create personalized content hubs for your target accounts.

How can it help your team? Its real-time updates help provide insight into how all of your custom content is performing, and that makes it easy for your team to adjust their content marketing as they go. That means microsites can always be properly targeted and optimized. Not only that, but its simple interface means it’s quick and easy to make these updates, even if you’re not a designer.

Is there a free trial? Yes

Best predictive analytics software for ABM: Anaplan

Who are they? Anaplan is a business-planning software company with a predictive insight and planning platform that delivers intelligent customer engagement powered by predictive analytics and AI.

What key areas of ABM does it specialize in? It can help with targeting, data collection, and even content customization.

How can it help your team? By harnessing the power of AI, Anaplan can help your team make tons of data-driven decisions for both existing customers and potential targets. Customizing your approach and applying data on an individual basis can be exhausting, so allowing AI to automate and enhance parts of the process takes a ton of weight off your team.

Is there a free trial? Yes

Best marketing automation software for ABM: Marketo

Who are they? Marketo is SaaS-based marketing automation software owned by Adobe and built to help organizations automate and measure marketing engagement, tasks, and workflows.

What key areas of ABM does it specialize in? It can help drive CTR and audience targeting, maintain customer relationships, create custom content, and lead scoring.

How can it help your team? Marketo can help you kickstart your ABM strategy by helping you build “best-fit account” lists with the power of AI, sync your marketing and sales teams for more effective communication, and offer tools for email marketing (including A/B testing).

Is there a free trial? Yes

Best social media software for ABM: Hootsuite

Who are they? Hootsuite is a social media management tool with features to help with planning, scheduling, and syndicating social posts.

What key areas of ABM does it specialize in? It can help you with content customization for social media as well as engagement and performance reporting.

How can it help your team? Social media is a big part of an ABM strategy (especially LinkedIn) and Hootsuite can help you manage almost all of your accounts from one place. That makes it easier to post on a clear schedule as well as easier to track performance for all of your channels. That means it can be easier to pivot strategies and capitalize on engagement.

Is there a free trial? Yes

Get the best ABM platform for content—Zoomforth!

Zoomforth is the perfect tool to serve as one of the cornerstones of your account-based marketing strategy. There’s no design or coding skill necessary to get started. Just use the simple drag-and-drop tools to start making your microsites. Plus, custom templates make it easy to ensure everything stays on brand.

Focused on analytics? Don’t fret. Every Zoomforth site gives you access to real-time analytics so it’s easy and quick to optimize your pages as you learn more about their performance. And thanks to the Zoomforth dashboard, you can track who’s visiting your site and even what they’re looking at while they’re there. Easy-to-read graphs and charts make it simple to share that info with your team, too.

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