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“Technology does not run an enterprise. Relationships do.” – TEDX Speaker Patricia Fripp

As much as we believe in the power of technology for improving your business, sales transactions will always be between two human beings. In order to improve your client relationships, you have to provide a memorable experience and nurture that working relationship from start to finish.

How do we build meaningful and memorable business relationships in today’s climate? How can we provide outstanding client proposals with the absence of in-person client meetings?

Using a microsite as your business sales proposal allows you to create a customized and personal experience from the initial pitch to the final handoff.

Here’s how you can use Zoomforth to let your potential clients know you beyond just a name, demographic and expectations.

Inject humanity into a client proposal

Share videos about your company that show how your company values align with theirs.

Create a library of thought leadership relevant to your client.

Write team bios that just don’t list experiences, but that will also be moving (and fun) to read.

You can provide clients with these media-rich experiences throughout the proposal process to capture their attention but also remind them about the people behind your business.

Take them on a personal journey

Board with mockups

You can create surprise experiences that will delight and educate your clients, but also let them know that your company is thinking of them.

With Zoomforth’s Editor Tool you can build out hidden subpages or sections of the microsite, ready to reveal at the appropriate point in the relationship with a single click.

When you have content that’s waiting in the wings it shows your client that they are top of mind, all the time, and they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness that much more.

You can release news about current events, company news, trends you’re seeing in analytics when the time is right.

Understand and adapt to what your audience cares about

If knowledge is power then analytics are your best tool for building content that resonates with your clients.

Zoomforth has robust analytics that let you see where your client is spending most of their time on the sales proposal. You can adjust the content you serve based on what they’re enjoying. If they have spent hours looking at articles you’ve collected for them, begin to add more to that page.

You can also see how the proposal is being shared and used by specific employees throughout the company. It’s easy to identify if relevant stakeholders haven’t accessed important pages so that you can reach out and make sure they’re not lost in the proposal abyss.

As with any relationship, the more you can do to make the other person’s life easier, the happier everyone involved will be. Compiling all relevant information in a safe, secure and dynamic way will give your clients the confidence to hire you and refer you once the job is finished.

Build the relationship beyond the closing

You don’t ask someone to marry you and then think “OK, my work here is done!” Any married person can tell you that thinking would be wrong, so very wrong.

If you want to carve a path towards marital and business bliss, you need to look at a relationship as a long-game, not just a quick win towards closing the deal.

You can use your microsite beyond the bid process and continue to create client onboarding portals, landing pages for events and workshops, an account-based marketing site and more.

Just because the way we do business is increasingly digital, that doesn’t mean we don’t still crave connections. It’s more important than ever to establish rapport by offering your clients a meaningful and customized experience throughout your working relationship.

Create interactive, trackable and secure sales proposals with Zoomforth.

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