10 best sales tools to gain leads and boost results in 2024

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A well-equipped sales team is a successful sales team. But selecting the sales tools that are going to prove most useful to your sales department isn’t always easy, especially with so many options available on the market. Sales platforms, software solutions, and stand-alone tools can offer a range of exciting features, and knowing what you’re looking for is the first step to nailing your sales enablement strategy.

First off, what counts as a sales tool? That’s simple — a sales tool is anything that helps a sales rep to do their job, from prospecting to sales enablement. This guide will outline the best sales tools across four categories: sales funnel tools, prospecting sales tools, sales mapping tools, and sales enablement tools. Stay tuned to discover the 10 best tools for sales teams that not only help gain leads but also boost results!

Best tools for sales funnel management

Tools designed for sales funnel management help your team keep a keen eye on the sales pipeline as prospects progress from awareness to purchase. The right sales funnel tool can help keep track of your prospects, as well as facilitate lead generation, automation, and email marketing.


Who are they? Mailchimp is a marketing, automation, and email platform.

How can they help your team? Aside from making it easy to automate tasks such as retargeting ads and sending transactional emails, Mailchimp can also create an entire marketing funnel for your business. The marketing funnel is the starting point for creating leads for your sales funnel, kicking off the process of guiding individuals or businesses from total newbies to happy customers.

Mailchimp can also help manage audiences, making sure that the right people are heading for the appropriate parts of the sales funnel. Plus, the tool offers intuitive reporting and analytics so you can constantly optimize your strategy.


Who are they? CartFlows is a comprehensive sales funnel builder and e-commerce checkout replacement designed specifically with WordPress in mind.

How can they help your team? CartFlows offers a ton of ways to take a business WordPress site to the next level and even help increase conversion. You can build a sales funnel directly in the plugin to work seamlessly with your WordPress site. It allows simple one-click upsells to help boost conversion, and it lets you close the funnel with a custom thank-you page.


Who are they? ActiveCampaign is a cloud software platform that is considered to be one of the best sales tools in the industry for customer experience automation. That includes email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM.

How can they help your team? ActiveCampaign is designed with a sales funnel built-in, starting with reaching potential audiences and ending not just with conversion, but with additional help to grow the customer base. Customized communications help ensure customers get the information they want while increasing chances for a sale.

What’s more, ActiveCampaign offers sales automation that can help you manage multiple pipelines, plus simple extensions you can add to email inboxes on Google and Outlook.

Best sales leads tools

Sales leads tools are designed to facilitate the process of generating new business by identifying and communicating with potential customers.


Who are they? Hubspot is a robust CRM platform with a variety of software solutions, integrations, and resources necessary to connect marketing, sales, content management, and customer service departments.

How can they help your team? Hubspot can help identify engaged customers via its comprehensive website viewership statistics. These stats are accessible in real-time, so your team can easily target the right people in a snap. You can even filter your list of engaged prospects from most engaged to least engaged, allowing you to easily prioritize your efforts.


Who are they? Crunchbase is a database that provides users with information about other companies including investment and funding information, mergers and acquisitions, and industry trends. The database is an excellent sales leads tool, especially for prospecting.

How can they help your team? If you’re in the B2B business, Crunchbase is a great way to gather info on companies who might be interested in your product or service. Because it was designed with prospecting in mind, Crunchbase doesn’t just provide company info, but can help you connect with key decision-makers.


Who are they? Usergems is a company that pairs AI technology with data mapping capabilities to help clients identify the most likely prospects for B2B sales by helping track former buyers who have moved on to other jobs.

How can they help your team? Usergems can help companies to prevent churn by tracking when a customer leaves their current position. In these situations, Usergems will simultaneously notify both the sales team so they can target new audiences to replace the lost revenue and the marketing team so they can properly retarget ads.

Top tools for sales mapping

Tools for sales mapping offer the ability to evaluate and visually represent a company’s sales territory, often including the steps taken in order to close a deal.

Badger Maps

Who are they? Badger Maps is a tool that helps outside sales reps plan the most efficient routes for all of their appointments and map customers, leads, and opportunities within their territories.

How can they help your team? Badger Maps can help an outside sales team stay organized and optimized by making sure they always have the fastest possible route to their appointments. Meanwhile, the rest of the team can stay on top of things thanks to Badger Maps’s automated performance reports and tracking capabilities.


Who are they? Maptive helps sales teams improve their territory management and routing efforts by creating custom Google maps that are fully customizable.

How can they help your team? Maptive gives you access to Google’s reliability plus data from Google Places including street views and real-time traffic information. But that’s just the basics — Maptive also offers custom presentation maps so sales teams have the perfect way to present their data once it’s collected. Maptive also offers a variety of graphing options so it’s even easier to understand your maps at a glance.

Top sales enablement tools

The best sales enablement tools can aid the process of training your sales reps through coaching, courses, and training opportunities.


Who are they? Zoomforth is a microsite hosting solution that lets users build unlimited custom microsites for all their marketing needs.

How can they help your team? Zoomforth’s robust data and analytics capabilities make it an excellent sales enablement choice. Real-time updates offer insight into precisely how custom content is performing, allowing your sales team to quickly coordinate to adjust content marketing as necessary, ensuring your microsites are always targeted as optimally as possible.


Who are they? Emissary gives teams access to coveted, insider expertise sourced directly from executives including actionable account, industry, and buyer insights.

How can they help your team? Emissary does the one thing almost no other tool can do: give you access to advice and tips from powerful former Fortune 500 leaders. Rather than relying on dry data or AI, Emissary puts you in touch with a human network that can provide valuable insights you can’t find elsewhere. Plus, it was named Best Enterprise Sales Enablement Software in 2020 and 2021 by MarTech Breakthrough Awards.

Start your tech stack with the best tools for sales like Zoomforth

Zoomforth is one of best sales tools in the industry and the ideal place for you to start building out your sales tool library. Thanks to simple drag-and-drop tools, you don’t need to rely on coding and it’s easy for anyone on your team to create or edit your custom microsites. Even better? There’s no limit to how many sites you can make, so you never need to worry about running out of space.

Every Zoomforth site also gives you access to real-time analytics, which makes it incredibly easy to optimize your pages. The Zoomforth dashboard makes it easy to see who visited each site, when, and for how long. It also provides access to graphs and charts, so it’s easy to understand and share that data among your teams, too. So what are you waiting for? Request a demo today.

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