When it comes to sales proposals, why blend in when you can go digital?

Elevate your sales proposals with
immersive content experiences

Content experiences, in the form of microsites, allow you to organize and showcase your sales proposals in a way that is visually attractive, engaging and easy to consume.

Remove friction

Zoomforth eliminates disconnected email messaging and presents your case clearly and visually, all in one place.

Save time and money

No more waiting for design resources to make changes to your presentation. Update your digital sales proposals on the fly.

Stay on brand

With Zoomforth, your brand styling is built in, guaranteeing your clients a consistent experience.

Protect your customer data

We’ll protect your content so only your intended audience can access it.

Get data insights

See what your clients are looking at, what they may have missed and how your proposal is being socialized.

Walk the talk

While competitors talk about how tech savvy they are, your digital sales proposals will say it for you.

Streamline your client experience
and win more business

Pursuits and bid teams across the world are choosing Zoomforth microsites to showcase their sales proposals, supplement their RFP responses, and build client relationships. 

Here’s why.


95% of today’s B2B buyers prefer shorter and highly visual content formats.

-Demand Gen


59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they prefer to watch video.

-Digital Information World


46% of all B2B researchers and buyers are millennials. 


Personalized digital sales proposal with trackable data analytics
The tool is great. We've won some phenomenal bids in the last couple of months.”
Pursuits Business Analyst

Big Four Firm

The ability to add industry-specific insights and information provides us the opportunity to keep the client engaged throughout the entire process and increase our win rate.”
Partner, Pursuits Team

Professional Services Firm

The microsites are a wonderful tool to help us in client pursuits. They allow us the ability to really go deep on our [firm] difference, accolades, client case studies, and videos that we normally would not be able to present in a PowerPoint or RFP response.”
Partner, Pursuits Team

Professional Service Firm

“The microsite was a hit, and a visible demonstration that [firm] walks the talk on digital.”

Big Four Firm

We won the proposal. The client really appreciated the fact that we know what we’re talking about and that we actually satisfied what they really need.”
Pursuits Lead

Big Four Firm

"If you're selling 6 and 7 figure deals, and you want to really wow your client, empower your sales champion, and keep everything about the sale in a nicely organized and trackable way (yes, you can see who is reviewing your sales content), I would recommend using Zoomforth as the content experience platform to build your sales hub or content hub on."

via G2

What are the most common use cases for a content experience platform?

Bids &

Increase client engagement and sales conversions with high-touch digital sales proposals, leave-behinds after orals and client onboarding sites.


Grow your key accounts with customized event sites, campaign landing pages, targeted digital newsletters and information portals.

Talent Acquisition &
Employer Brand

Attract top talent with targeted job postings, interview preparation sites, personalized offer sites and new hire onboarding hubs.

Learning &

Tailor your learning programs with customized resource portals and event pages.  Curate content for micro-learning experiences.