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By The Numbers


40% of organizations report that engaging candidates is their 1 recruitment marketing challenge.


80% of talent leaders agree that employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire talent.

Zoomforth for Recruitment

With Zoomforth, HR and recruitment teams can deliver the interactive, branded experiences needed to revolutionize talent acquisition and stand out in today’s competitive candidate market.

Transform Candidate Engagement

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 organization or a startup, Zoomforth helps you speak to prospective candidates with content-rich communication across all platforms and touchpoints. Showcase team culture in role or location-based landing pages, deliver targeted campus recruiting campaigns, and easily leverage supplemental content that helps prospective candidates navigate smoothly through your recruitment process.

Boost Recruitment Marketing Effectiveness

In order to win over today’s digitally-savvy employees, it’s imperative to be able to create interactive, branded experiences without waiting on overburdened design or development teams, or expensive agency resources. With Zoomforth, recruitment and HR teams can quickly and easily use all types of content available to effectively engage high-value potential candidates.

Understand and Optimize Candidate Interactions

With Zoomforth, real-time insights allow you to stay informed and optimize as needed. Advanced analytics can tell you whether a potential candidate is engaging with your content, how long they engaged, and whether that content experience was effective in moving the hiring process forward.

Recruiter Consistency and Empowerment

Empower your recruiters to do their best work and be more productive, allowing them to go beyond simply sending PDF attachments or links to a generic career site. Quickly create, update, and share content, which can then be easily accessed and sent right from Gmail or Outlook - providing your team with the best material to attract candidates while ensuring brand and message consistency.

More Reasons to Love Zoomforth

Secure Viewing

Insights and Analytics

Control and Consistency

Responsive Design

Intuitive Interface

Content Accessibility

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