By The Numbers


44% of top performing organizations recognize the critical role of content.


Only 50% of B2B brands produce content that their target audience engages with.

Zoomforth for Marketing

With Zoomforth, marketers can build and share interactive, customizable branded experiences that maximize the value of all types of content and collateral already being created.

Boost Return on Content Investments

There’s no question that marketing and sales success is dependent upon intelligent content. But every prospective buyer has different needs, requiring that marketing resources are constantly available to support sales in personalizing content and collateral. With Zoomforth, marketing teams can more easily empower sales with customizable, differentiated branded experiences.

Fuel Account-Based Marketing

Despite the hype, just 37% of B2B marketers have engaged in ABM. But it’s been proven that the marketers who will see the greatest returns are those that are pursuing long-term, highly engaged revenue relationships with key clients. Zoomforth delivers the foundational capabilities needed to successfully implement an account-based approach - packaging highly relevant content in a way that is easily digested and shared, and can speak to multiple decision makers.

Foster Marketing and Sales Alignment

In order to stay competitive and successfully execute on targeted, account-based initiatives, marketing and sales teams can no longer act as separate, siloed functions. Zoomforth plays an integral part in marketing and sales alignment, delivering the capabilities needed to build a cohesive buyer’s journey while achieving the right balance of marketing control and sales empowerment.

Continuously Optimize Communication

Consistent sales require a consistent value message. With Zoomforth, a centralized content repository and a streamlined content editing, updating, and sharing process means the most up-to-date, approved versions are always one click away - reducing time and complexity, accelerating content delivery, and enabling the content and brand governance needed to drive your business forward.

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