Turn your static content into interactive microsites.

Zoomforth microsites at a glance

With Zoomforth, quickly assemble your content into microsites, customize and share them with your target audience and track engagement in real time.






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How does Zoomforth work?

While your competitors are sending out dry and dated static documents, let your company shine with interactive, trackable and secure Zoomforth microsites. Add all kinds of content from video and audio to newsfeeds, animations and more. 

Example digital sales proposal content experience on desktop Example digital sales proposal content experience on mobile
“Zoomforth provides an easy way to create polished, professional and fun communications… It is also a very easy tool to train up on, not difficult to use and allows non-creative folks to be creative without challenge.”
Development Manager

Big Four Firm

“We are really able to make something (that would used to have been an email with a lot of PDFs attached), as now just one microsite where you get all of the information that you need.”
Global Talent Exec

Events Company

“The client appreciated viewing the contents... much easier than sharing a 200-slide PowerPoint. They specifically compared [our firm] to other competitors in having designed this site.”
MD, Pursuits

Big Four Firm

“Zoomforth has impacted revenue by increasing the response rate significantly, clients are more engaged and that leads to a greater rapid response.”

Events Company

“I love this tool! It’s super intuitive and I’m ready to take my game to the next level!”
Corporate Citizenship Specialist

Professional Services

What will you get when
you come onboard?

  • Unlimited sites and site visitors
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Custom domain
  • Data analytics and reporting

  • Custom templates
  • Built-in brand styling
  • Design consultancy
  • Regular Skills Workshops

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 30-day, tailored onboarding program
  • Drop-in refresher training sessions
  • Quarterly business reviews

  • Real-time in-app support
  • Technical support
  • Tutorial videos
  • Help Center

A microsite platform with enterprise-level security

Protecting your customer data is our first priority.  Here are some of the features you will receive as standard.

Secure viewing

Sensitive or proprietary content can be secured via password, internal directory, email or multi-factor authentication, so only your intended audience will see it.

User roles
and permissions

Our governance features ensure you are always in control of how your team is using Zoomforth and when content is published.

Single Sign-On

We’ll integrate with your internal system to give your team seamless, controlled and highly secure access to the platform.

Differentiate your offer with microsites

Business leaders have never been busier or more distracted. If you want to be remembered, you must stand out.

Here are 5 tips on how to do that, and how we can help.


Be human

With Zoomforth, you can inject real personality into your digital interactions. Use rich media content like video, audio, news feeds, and more to bring your communications to life.


Be agile

We’ll show you how to quickly and easily organize and customize content for your target audience, with an intuitive, drag-and-drop editor.


Be on brand

We’ll help you put together beautiful, vibrant, and brand compliant templates to ensure your audience gets a professional and consistent end-to-end experience.


Be secure

With cyber-risk an ever-present danger, our enterprise-level, data security controls will inspire trust with your intended audience.


Be informed

Our data analytics provide the inside track on audience engagement. Leverage insights to refine your approach, inform follow-up, and achieve better outcomes.

Select your use case to find out more

Bids &

Increase client engagement and sales conversions with high-touch digital sales proposals, leave-behinds after orals and client onboarding sites.


Grow your key accounts with customized event sites, campaign landing pages, targeted digital newsletters and information portals.

Talent Acquisition &
Employer Brand

Attract top talent with targeted job postings, interview preparation sites, personalized offer sites and new hire onboarding hubs.

Learning &

Tailor your learning programs with customized resource portals and event pages.  Curate content for micro-learning experiences.